Thursday, March 10, 2011

Stream ReLeaf

The same folks that gave us free trees last year are now offering native plants and shrubs as well for select HoCo homeowners.

HoCo residents whose properties border a creek or stream are being encouraged to participate in the 2011 Stream ReLeaf Program. The program, administered by the HoCo Department of Recreation and Parks provides free native plants and shrubs to HoCo property owners who agree to plant the material within 75 feet of a stream.

“This program was initiated in 2003 as part of the implementation of the Little Patuxent River Watershed Restoration Action Strategy, but has expanded to include all of Howard County. Trees and shrubs planted along streams help prevent erosion; provide vegetative cover; and trap nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus - two major pollutants of the Chesapeake Bay.”

If you are interested in participating in this program contact Laura Miller, the Program Director at

And speaking of free trees, the little Dogwood that we got from the county program last fall appears to have it through it's first winter. 
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