Monday, March 14, 2011

Post Dumps Loco Blog Directory

The Washington Post has redesigned their website and in the process also eliminated the directory of local bloggers. Up until now, for at least the past four years, The Post provided links and feeds from local blogs throughout the metro area once a blog registered with them. Granted, it wasn’t exactly a strong effort. According to Google Analytics, over the past thirty days Tales of Two Cities has received more referrals from The Huffington Post (9) than The Washington Post (4).

I have no idea what The Huffington Post thing is all about.

Anyway, it’s gone now, in case you weren't paying attention.

Meanwhile, The Sun has become much more blog friendly, particularly to HoCo bloggers. The Sun maintains a metro area blog directory and hosts an annual blogger competition called The Mobbies. The Howard County page on the web also includes a sidebar with links to the latest posts from a handful of local blogs. It is the only county page on The Sun website that features local blogs, perhaps a nod to the robust HoCo blogosphere.

Consequently, The Sun is the second highest referral site for Tales of Two Cities (1,880) next to Google (2,108).
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