Saturday, March 05, 2011

Dyer Responds

I suppose it is perfectly understandable that Allen Dyer has choosen not to comment here on Tales of Two Cities. I haven’t exactly been nice to him. That is by design of course. I happen to hold an extremely low opinion of the guy.

So this is actually an indirect response. Allen posted a link to the post I wrote about the ethics complaint that has filed against him on his Yahoo discussion group, howardpubliced. In a later comment to his own post, Allen wrote, in all caps, “No complaint was filed by the student board member.”

This is where I make it clear that I have not seen the actual complaint. I attempted to get a copy when I became aware of this. Mark Blom, the boards attorney told me he could not accommodate my request. He referenced Item 10 from the Ethics Panel of the Howard County Public School System:

The panel, its staff, the complainant and the respondent shall not disclose any information relating to the complaint, including the identity of the complainant and respondent, except that the Panel may release information at any time if a release has been agreed to in writing by the respondent, and the identity of the complainant shall be disclosed to the respondent, at the request of the respondent at any time.”

Allen is technically correct. I did not know that the complainant was not the student member. I now know that former board members Larry Cohen and Pat Gordon are the actual complainants. I know this because Allen Dyer posted that bit of supposedly confidential information on howardpubliced today.

Isn’t that a violation of Item 10?

In any event. I still stand by the presmise of the complaint, that Allen allegedly attempted to improperly influence the student members vote in the board chair election, even though she did not apparrently "file" the complaint. 
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