Sunday, March 06, 2011

Putting It Out There, Sort Of

Well he’s gone and done it now.  Allen Dyer, the school board member who is the subject of an ethics complaint has ignored the ethics panel rule for confidentiality and released a trove of documents relating to the complaint. His attorney, Harold J. Burns, Jr,, writes that he has “instructed Mr. Dyer that he should feel free to release to public the Complaints, the correspondence between us, the Exhibits Mr Dyer submitted in his defense, the Panel's Rules, and the BOE's Ethics and Handbook.”

He believes that this is justified in doing this because “the leaked information is incorrect and slanted against Mr. Dyer…”

He also assures the panel that neither he nor Allen was the source of those leaks. I am certain that the panel is comforted by this assurance.

Only Allen didn’t release the documents to the public. He released them to his Yahoo discussion group, howardpubliced. If you are not a member of this group you can’t open the attachments. To say that he released this material to a small sympathetic audience would be a gross understatement.

That is Allen’s style. He needs sell the story of him being the true victim here. He wants to sure up his defense before anyone else involved in this action has a chance to speak. Allen, the self professed defender of openness, released confidential information to a closed user group without first making his case to the panel and allowing all parties to be released from their silence at the same time.

Keep in mind that this case involves an adult and a minor. Is this guy a piece of work or what?

This morning I decided to join howardpubliced in order to get a look at this stuff. I am now awaiting approval by the moderator. I am not expecting a quick turn around on that.

UPDATE: A netizen of Tales of Two Cities has forwarded me the files that Allen posted on howardpubliced. I'll post about them later this evening after digesting them with my dinner. 
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