Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just Dicking Around

I had a blast last night. The Man of the Hour Roast of Dick Story was, in all respects, a huge success. The Spear Center was packed and the drinks and conversation during the cocktail hour flowed like the sludge being sucked from the bottom of Lake Kittamaqundi. The presentation and staging were top notch as well. The HoCo loco biz community turned out en masse to have some fun with the recently retired CEO of the EDA.

There were lots of hair jokes. Dick’s always perfectly coifed locks have been an endless source of amazement for those who have spent any time with him. No matter what the conditions, rain, sleet, or snow, Dicks hair rarely moves. This fact was lampooned by several people wearing Dick Story wigs, including fellow roaster Del Karfonta and Dick's new boss, J.P. Bolduc.

His old boss didn’t make it. Neither did any of the other loco Dems, as far as I could tell anyway. I did see Alan Kittleman and Greg Fox though. They were sitting at the DARS Law Group table.

There are a lot of funny people in HoCo and one of the funnier ones was the evenings master of ceremonies, Dave Bittner. The other funny people on dais were Mac Cassity, Donna Richardson, Malynda Madzel, Paul Gleichauf, Jack Gunther, and Anirban Basu.

But all the funny wasn’t on the dais either. The décor, table favors and the nine ladies who hammed it up as Dick’s Dollies complete with feather boas, set the proper irreverent tone for the evening.

The attire for the roasters was black tie so I got to pull my tux out. It’s been over a year since I’ve had the occasion to wear it and I wasn’t certain how it would fit. Thankfully, it fit, with a little room to spare. There is something about wearing a tux that always makes me feel different. Last night, despite the cold and rain, I felt good.
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