Sunday, March 20, 2011

Frisky's: FAIL

Earlier this month I wrote a post about the controversy surrounding Friskys Wildlife and Primate Sanctuary in Woodstock. I concluded by saying that three acres of land seemed small for a wildlife sanctuary with monkeys in a residential neighborhood but that I’d withhold my final judgment until I got a chance to see the operation firsthand.

That apparently isn’t going to happen. I contacted the sanctuary this past week in hopes of making a visit this weekend. I wanted to do this before the next public hearing this Thursday. I received the following response from Janice Ellis:

“We want you to visit, but unfortunately we cannot conduct a visit this weekend.  With the hearing on the 10th and another scheduled for next Thursday, it is difficult to make time to do anything that is not already part of our daily schedule.

She also wrote that “Between unexpected visits from press, curious people following this case and a seven hour inspection from USDA this week, we had to fit in meetings with our major supporters and also with reporters.”

To be fair, Janice did offer to show me around next weekend. Unfortunately, next weekend is already booked solid for me so that wouldn’t work, besides it would have been after the hearing. I informed Janice that I guess I’d have to take a pass. 

It is often said that it is far easier to beg forgiveness than to ask permission. I wonder if I should have just shown up as opposed to writing them first.

So I suppose I’ll just remain neutral in the Friskys debate, for now at least.
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