Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hug Your Doctor Today

Today is National Doctor’s Day. I know this because of an insert that came with a recent bill from one of my health care providers. Apparently this commemoration officially became a “national” day on October 301990 when Bush the First signed it into law.

This news dovetails nicely with this story by Lena H. Sun in The Washington Post today. Lena writes that HoCo is one of the top three healthiest counties in Maryland along with Montgomery and Frederick.

“The reports, which rank U.S. counties and cities based on how long people live and how healthy they are, reflect disparities that are closely linked to factors outside the doctor’s office, including high school graduation rates, poverty rates and the number of single-parent households.”

So if you see your doctor today be sure to wish them a Happy Doctors Day and maybe even give them a hug, unless of course you are battling a cold like me, in which case a simple card may suffice.
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