Sunday, January 30, 2011

You Say Sarah, I Say Sarah…

With gay marriage and civil unions being a hot topic in the Maryland General Assembly this year we thought it would be interesting to have a guest from the LGBT community on our podcast to discuss the issue. We reached out to the HoCo chapter of PFLAG and found Steve Charing who agreed to come on the show and share his thoughts and perspective about gay marriage. As it turns out Steve has been married to his partner for over thirty years and his marriage, which was performed in Massachusetts, is actually now recognized in Maryland, even though we don't have gay marriage in Maryland.

Public policy doesn't always make sense.

The Hoco loco news stories we dissected included the snow story, Ken Ulmans State of the County address, the continuing deliberations over the new Town Center Design guidelines, the Reservoir High School community meeting, Martin O’Malley’s bad driver initaitive and the proposed elimination of the compulsory high school test for social studies.

Paul and I also discussed the Wine Summit with Doug Miller and I was able to give a shout out to fellow HoCo bloggers, Sarah Husain and Tom Coale.

You can listen to the latest podcast here.
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