Wednesday, January 19, 2011

31 Seconds of Prime Time

A few readers may recall that last spring I spent some time with investigative reporter Dana Priest showing her around the defense intelligence community in our midst. Dana also bought along Michael Kirk and Jim Gilmore, independent producers of programming for Frontline on PBS.

Yesterday I received a call from Jim giving me a heads up that part of the stuff they filmed with me last May would be on TV last prime time no less. He told me to watch the lead story "Are We Safer"  which was one of three stories in the new Frontline Monthly Magazine Show.

I’m on for about 31 seconds. If you’re just curious to see that part you can find me at 14:50. We're driving around Annapolis Junction.

I was on twice as long in an earlier promotional video

No matter, I'm still planning on telling people that I was in story about Homeland Security with the governor.

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