Sunday, January 09, 2011

For Some, It’s Never Enough

Martek Biosciencess was in the news again today. In his column in The Sun, Jay Hancock used the company to highlight Marylands failure to attract manufacturing jobs. Even though Martek employs over 200 people in Maryland the company located their DHA manufacturing plant in South Carolina.

“Besides more than 200 Martek employees, the Kingstree, S.C., plant also was responsible for hundreds of construction jobs associated with an expansion, according to The State newspaper.”

Okay, that was a miss but it also should be noted that the higher paying jobs in Martek are located here and the company is actually increasing those jobs in HoCo with an expansion of their offices on Dobbin Road that began this past summer.

It’s sort of like the reaction by some to Allan Kittlemans civil union initiative. Instead of seeing this as a positive step for equal rights in the state, some activists have attacked him for not going far enough, even before anyone has had a chance to actually read the proposed legislation.

Jeez people, come on now!
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