Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Stuff

Suddenly it seems that the HoCo blogosphere has become much richer. Thanks to this post and this post on theHoCo,  I've discovered some great new voices in the HoCo loco blogging conversation.

I actually started linking to HoCo Hangover a couple of weeks ago. Any blog that sets its mission on the study of HoCo bar ecosystem sounds good to me. So far they’ve written up Union Jacks in Town Center, River Hill Sports Grille in Clarksville and Looneys in Maple Lawn. So many bars, so little time.

Though My Other Car is a Pirate Ship it isn’t really a new blog, it’s new to me. The blogger describes herself as “a thirty-something pirate girl, on a quest to find buried treasure in Columbia, Howard County, Maryland and beyond. Join me on the high seas for adventure, good food, grog, and tales.”

Good stuff.

I also like SaySayLobbyist. Meg tells us she loves “to use words that rhyme with Ham, Spit, Switch, and Duck. I also whine, misspell, procrastinate, run with scissors, and am a registered Democrat (The Horror!)."

Could this be the HoCo lefty blogger we’ve been looking for?
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