Saturday, January 08, 2011

Personal Archeology

I’ve never been mistaken for an organized person. As such it is inevitable that I’ll misplace something, like a receipt for one of the gifts I gave Mama Wordbones for Christmas. This, of course, will end up being the very receipt I need. Though I did manage to keep the lion’s share of my holiday shopping paper work in an easily retrievable location, this particular document seems to have eluded my effort.

I had an idea where it might be.

In my closet I have a drawer of stuff. For the most part this is stuff I take out of my pockets when I’m changing clothes. The drawer is a magnet for an inexplicable collection of stuff.

I should also note that my drawer of stuff is stuffed with at least of year’s worth of stuff. In fact, it was overflowing. Finding the elusive receipt required tackling the stuff drawer, one item at a time, like conducting a personal archeological dig of the past year. This is a task I had put off far too long.

I found it curious what I had collected in the stuff drawer. There was a golf ball, some tees and a couple of ball markers. There were ten pens and a packet of Excedrin. There were three unmatched socks. There was a ticket “Good for 1 Drink,”…such a waste.

And there were three fortune cookie fortunes that I must’ve thought enough of to hang onto, if only for a little while.

And yes, the receipt I sought was also there. 
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