Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Medstar and the Cleveland Clinic

This has been a big week for HoCo loco business news. First there was this column about Martek in The Sun, then it was this release about Sourcefire’s acquisition of an anti virus company. Today, in this story by Lena H. Sun in The Washington Post we learn that Columbia based Medstar Health and the world renowned Cleveland Clinic have agreed to “collaborate to bring medical inventions to market, according to a plan to be announced Tuesday.”

“The alliance, which will affect technologies developed by thousands of scientists and doctors, will be the first of its kind between two large U.S. health systems, executives said. The collaboration is a response to growing pressures on health-care institutions to cut costs while finding innovative ways to improve patient health and care delivery, they said.”

We may never become another Silicon Valley, but the news coming out of all three of these companies indicate that HoCo is still a pretty impressive hotbed of innovation in healthcare, the biosciences and cyber security.
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