Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Showdown @ Noon in EC

Unless you feel comfortable with your snowball throwing skills you’d be advised to avoid Parking Lot D in Ellicott City tomorrow around noon. The Empress of EC, Kimberly Kepnes has issued a call to arms for a “friendly” snowball battle.

“Bring your hats, gloves, your best humor and all of your friends and family! Oh, you might want to bring some money, too, 'cause we have hot drinks including great Coffee and Espresso, creamy Chai Tea and rich Hot Chocolate, Savory Soup and delicious Pastries and French Country Bread!  Perfect for the after-fight celebration!”

Think of it as a flash mob with weapons.

For those who prefer non impact snow activities, The Little French Market is also hosting a snowman building contest starting at one, presumably at the cessation of hostilities.
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