Monday, January 10, 2011

Sourcefire is Hot

Martek isn’t the only Columbia based technology company grabbing headlines these days. Sourcefire a developer of “real time adaptive” network security products, is another HoCo loco business in the fast lane. Founded in 2001, the company passed $100 million in revenue in 2009 and now employs over 300 people. They are headquartered in the Patuxent Woods Business Park near the village of Owen Brown in Columbia.

They also just bought another fast growing company. 

Last week the company announced the acquisition of Immunet, an interesting little start up anti-virus subscription service based in Palo Alto. Immunet “leverages the collective intelligence of a growing community, the speed of cloud computing, and the power of social networking to provide a groundbreaking approach to security.”

In just two years Immunet has already signed up 750,000 users in 192 countries.

Sourcefire is a company with a sense of humor too. Their leading product is called Snort which it describes as “the world’s most downloaded intrusion detection and prevention technology with nearly 4 million downloads to date.”

They even have a Chief People Officer which sounds so much nicer than Director of Human Resources.
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