Friday, January 07, 2011

January Odds

January is not a very fun month for me. The bill for December comes due, along with any previous past dues I may have accrued over the prior months. It’s also cold here in HoCo, even when the sun shines. The prospect of warmer weather is a far off notion.

January is also the month of my birth. Some year’s birthdays are better than others; this year isn’t one of them. As it happens, it is the month of CG’s birth as well and she isn’t exactly thrilled by her birthday this year either.

She has a theory about this. Both of us are facing an even number year.

“The odds are better,” she says.

CG told me that last year, turning 21 was a great birthday. This year turning 22, not so much. “It’s a tweener. I’m not on my own yet, no money, senior in college…”

She goes on to explain that 23 will be cool because by then she’ll still be in her early twenties, working, single, confident…looking good in her crystal ball.

Of course 24, the dreaded evil even year, will mean she can longer qualify for early twenties…and so it went on right up to the fifties, my country.

“50 is hard because you’re, like fifty,” she observed. “51 is better because you’re an “early fifties.”

It took awhile but we finally got to me. The odd / even theory continued to hold up. 56 is all about that transition to the other side of “mid fifties”. I sense the march of time bearing down on me like Ray Lewis on Dustin Keller.

And speaking of which….Go Ravens!
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