Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Al Jazeera in EC

Today, while I was in downtown Ellicott City, I spotted a camera crew filming on Main Street. My curiosity got the best of me so I crossed over and asked what they were doing. There were two guys, a casually dressed camera guy and a reporter type sporting a dark wool overcoat with a red scarf.

“We’ve come out to Main Street to see what people outside of the centers of power think about the incoming Congress and the specter of impending budget cuts,” the guy in the overcoat told me. He had a British accent. He then asked if he could ask me a few questions on camera.

“Who are you with?” I wondered.

“We’re actually with AJE, it’s associated with Reuters,” he answered. He seemed a bit reticent about disclosing much.

“Do you have a card?”

“No actually I don’t,” he replied. He told me his name was John, or was it Jon?


I was up to having having a little fun so I told him he could go ahead and interview me on camera.

“What do people on Main Street think of the specter of government spending cuts from the new Congress?”

I joked that I had only been elected as the official spokesperson for Main Street America last night so I really hadn’t had a chance to get a consensus from my peeps yet. I then went on to say that, in general, everyone thinks that government should be cut, except of course those tax breaks and programs that they rely on.

When we finished I again asked where they were from. Jon (or John) told me that they work out of DC.

“What was the name of the company again?” I asked.

“AJE” he said.

Back at the office I checked out AJE on Google.  

There goes any chance I ever had of getting a security clearance.
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