Saturday, January 29, 2011

Scene This Week In…

It was before last Christmas since I updated my STW pics at the top of the right hand column. The truth of the matter is that it’s not every week that something catches my eye in both Ellicott City and Columbia. Sometimes I’ll see something post worthy in one locale but not the other.

On Thursday, with Peanut home from school because of the snowstorm, I decided to focus on this. It was also a way to get us both out of the house to see what Mother Nature had wrought.

We decided to go for a walk outside of the neighborhood so I drove over  to Meadowbrook Park. It was closed. We drove to Centennial Park. It was closed. Then we headed down through Running Brook to Wilde Lake Park. Not only was it open, CA crews were out plowing the pathways. I know I have been a harsh critic of the Columbia Association in the past so I wanted to make sure that I also give them accolades when they do good. In this case, they done good. We took a nice walk along the lake taking pictures and throwing snowballs out onto to ice.

It was a perfect way to capture winters beauty.

And speaking of snowballs, on Thursday night, as the storm was raging, I received an email from Kimberly Kepnes inviting me to a friendly community snowball fight in the courtyard in front of The Little French Market in downtown Ellicott City. I was intriqued by the idea of a massive snowball fight so I headed down the hill at high noon to check it out.

I suppose these things take time to develop. There were only about ten people on the field of battle. No matter, those who did show up seemed to be enjoying themselves. It was even covered by Nikki Gamer in Ellicott City Patch.

And yes, I did toss a snowball and received return fire.
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