Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Miller Time

HoCo Rising dubbed it the “Wine Summit” but I find that to be a little too formal. What it boiled down to was three new media types met up with an old media type and we shared a few drinks and laughs.

The purpose of the gathering was to see if Sarah, Tom and I could help Doug Miller to “get” the HoCo loco social media scene. Doug had written a column entitled "Facebook frenzy" in the Columbia Flier saying that he didn’t “get it.”

He doesn’t want to get it either. You see, Doug is a bit of a Luddite. He told us he doesn’t even own a cell phone. He told us his kids have them, but he doesn't, by choice. He uses and likes email but that’s pretty much where his technological curiosity ends.

I pointed out to him that HoCo was likely one of the most wired and connected communities in the entire U S of A making his aversion towards technology stand out all the more. He was well aware. Even so, Doug is not alone either as Sarah points out.
Doug Miller is good guy, I enjoyed meeting him. He was also a good sport about the whole thing. I’ll read his stuff with new interest from now on.

After Doug left, the three of us discussed the latest HoCo Blogtail party. Sarah was the only one who had attended.

“Jesse is after me to be a co-host.”

We all agreed that Jesse has done a good job keeping these gatherings going. They certainly have grown from the handful of people that attended when they were first started. 

It also occurred to me that I haven’t volunteered to co-host since the very first one. I told Sarah that I’d co-host with her…sometime this spring. 

Stay tuned...
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