Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Yeah, I Bought One Too

It’s funny how the prospect of winning $355 million motivates people to buy a lottery ticket more than the prospect of winning $20 million. Tonight’s estimated $355 million jackpot in the multi state Mega Millions lottery has people standing in line across the country. The odds of winning are about 176 million to one. Though otherwise rational people know this is ridiculous, they still buy a ticket.

Tonight, in the 7-11 on Montgomery Road in Ellicott City, they were doing a brisk business in Mega Million ticket sales but at least there was no line at 7:30 PM. A woman who came in behind me openly acknowledged the folly of it all as she handed the clerk a dollar. “The odds are ridiculous,” she said a bit embarrassed.

Yes they are.

I look at this way. Tonight, before the winning number is drawn, everyone who purchased a ticket will fantasize, if only for a moment, what they would do if they won. Basically it’s a buck for a dream.
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