Thursday, January 20, 2011

Three Things about Food

This is the first week of HoCo Restaurant Weeks. I have not had the opportunity to peruse the offerings of all the participating restaurants but if the sampling I had is any indication, this is great opportunity to leave your comfort zone and venture into the untried. I plan on taking Mama Wordbones to at least one of the participating establishments this weekend.

On Monday in The Sun, John Lindner wrote about his lunch at Maiwand Kabob in the Harpers Choice Village Center in Columbia and concludes “Maiwand serves up good food at attractive prices.”

I agree and while I on on the subject of kabobs, I recently sampled the cuisine at the newly opened Kabob Hut in Taylor Village in Ellicott City. Maiwand easily wins this kabob kontest, so far at least.

And finally, tonight is yet another HoCo Blogtail Party. This time the gathering wil be held at the Second Chance Saloon in the Oakland Mils Village Center in Columbia. If you want to meet some of the people behind the HoCo blogs, these gatherings are a good opportunity to do so.

Was that three or four?
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