Thursday, October 21, 2010

Direct Mauling

Over the last three days we received ten pieces of campaign mail from six candidates. The most frequent mailer has been Bob Ehrlich with three mailers followed by Courtney Watson and Jon Weinstein, each with two. The others were from Gail Bates and Warren Miller, Maryann Maher and Martin O’Malley.

For the most part the trip from the mailbox to the recycle bin is a very short one. In fact, that’s where I had to retrieve these pieces in order to write this post.

So what are the messages that the candidates are sending to us through the mail?

Bob Ehrlich wants us to know that Martin O’Malley broke the budget, wasn’t honest and that he’ll will get Maryland back to work.

Courtney Watson wants us to know that she is supported by both Repubs and Dems and that she will keep our schools “No. 1” without raising taxes.

Jon Weinstein tells us about his lifetime of public service and that he’s all about responsive and responsible government.

Gail Bates and Warren Miller (are they actually joined at the hip?) want to know if we are concerned about jobs and the economy.

Maryann Maher wants us to know that she would make our government accountable.

Martin O’Malley simply wants us to know that Bob Ehrlich is evil.

One thing is certain. This is a good year for the printers and the direct mail houses
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