Saturday, October 02, 2010

Free Trees

We were too late too late to get a free tree the first time the county doled them out earlier this year but Mama Wordbones was determined not to miss out this time. She was one of the first to jump online to snag one of the 2,010 trees in the autumn reprise of the Plant(it) Green program.

This morning I picked up a very young Dogwood.

"You were lucky, the Dogwoods went fast," Josh Feldmark told me as I arrived at the Thomas Dorsey Building. Josh is the HoCo Environmental czar.

Two years ago when were trying to decide on an ornamental tree for the corner of our screened room I lobbied for a Dogwood while Mama Wordbones favored a Red Bud. We ended up with the Red Bud of course.

I finally got my Dogwood. Now we just have to figure out where to dig the hole.
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