Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Slow Fade into Irrelevance

Another phone book arrived on our lawn yesterday. This one was from and it was the second one we’ve received in two weeks. We also received new phone books at work last week. All three of these phone books are different but they still shared the same fate. Each one went directly into the recycling bin without so much as being taken out of the plastic bag it came in.

I’ll admit that I don’t know much about what it costs to place an ad in the phone book these days. We don’t advertise our business in the phone book and haven’t for years yet apparently there is still enough business out there to warrant the printing and distribution of multiple books.

I suppose it took awhile for buggy whips to go out of fashion as well.


The Big Apple said...

Shouldn't you have taken the phone book outof the plastic for proper recycling?

Anonymous said...

Dying gasp of the "direct mail" sort of print media.

BTW, you should take it out of the plastic bag before putting it in the recycling bin. HoCo does not recycle that sort of plastic bag (like newspaper plastic bags), and so this practice just induces more labor in the waste stream.

Eludius said...

Because it's already been said twice, I feel obligated to say it again - you should take the book out of the bag before you recycle it. (Hey - at least you're recycling it, right?!!!)

wordbones said...

Alright already...I took the bag off!



Christine said...

Oh! So it wasn't just us - we just got our second set yesterday.