Sunday, October 24, 2010

Thirty-five Minutes Away

I did my best to pretend not to care that I was missing the Ravens game today. I told Mama Wordbones that it wasn’t really a big game. I told her we were expected to win…easily.

I should know better by now than to say something like that. The games you dismiss as easy wins are usually the games that trip you up and of course that is almost exactly what happened.

It was really too nice of day to sit inside and watch television and going to a Ravens game was not on Mama Wordbones birthday weekend activities list. Biking in Frederick was so we loaded up the bikes, grabbed a couple of cups of coffee for the ride, and headed out west.

I should note here that Frederick is a very bike friendly town. We parked the car on and unloaded our bikes on Church Street, taking advantage of the free street parking on Sunday. From there we navigated our way down to Carroll Creek Park. We rode along the canal up through Mullinix Park to Baker Park where the bike path dead ends at the Catoctin Mountain Highway (US 15). 

On the return trip we exited the parks and meandered through the streets in the historic district, working our way back to the canal. We enjoyed lunch at an outdoor café where I was finally able to check in on the Ravens game with my NFL Mobile app.

It was hard at this point to pretend that I didn’t care. The game was destined for overtime.

That being said I still have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed our day trip to Frederick. The historic town is full of neat places to eat and drink and plenty of places to explore and discover on a bicycle.

And it is only thirty-five minutes away…just enough time to finish our coffee.

Bonus points to any reader who can identify the antique cars in the picture.
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