Saturday, October 23, 2010

Broadband and Ballinger

Even after spending twenty minutes talking to the guy behind HoCo’s latest broadband initiative, I am still having difficulty grasping the full implication of this new federal grant. Ira Levy, the HoCo Director of Technology and Communications Serviceswas our guest on “and then there’s that…” yesterday. On the one hand it was nice to take a partial break from the loco politico stuff that has dominated our recent shows yet I found the topic a little hard to wrap my arms around. Perhaps it is because the possibilities of linking primary schools, community colleges, libraries, government and healthcare institutions in ten Maryland jurisdictions together in a broadband network are limited only to the imagination.

I will say that at least I know more now than I did before the show.

It was only a partial break from loco politico stuff because school board candidate Bob Ballinger had joined us for the two minute segment (which usually exceeds two minutes but we’re working on that). At the HoCo Blogtail party the night before I learned that Bob was involved in a sign war battle where he was accused of improperly removing David Proudfoots signs. The police were called but in the end no charges were pressed. Bob defended his actions by saying that he was only removing signs that didn’t have the property owners permission to be there. He said he had been followed around recently by someone in an "Obama car," whatever that is, who was recording his every move and they were the one who eventually called the police. I’m not sure who is right in this little dust up but it is indicative of the heightened emotions as we head into the final weeks of the silly season.

You can listen the 26th epipisode of “and then there’s that…” here.
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