Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Mobbies Are Back

A little over a month ago I lamented that The Sun appeared to be backing off their embrace of blogs. Since then, the Baltimore media giant has introduced a blog feed on the HoCo section of the online paper and today they announced the 2010 Mobbies.

It looks like I spoke too soon.

Still, the blog feeds in the HoCo section are missing some of the more widely read blogs like HoCo Rising and Sarah Says. I have heard that there is some internal dissent about how cozy the media giant should get with the likes of us. It is also possible that the rekindled interest in local blogs could be a reaction to the recent emergence of Patch sites.

In any event, as of today the 2010 Mobbies are now underway with a call for nominations and already HowChow has been nominated for Best Food Blog.
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