Sunday, October 31, 2010

Not So Non Partisan

The school board is supposed to be non partisan but that never stopped the HoCo loco party politicos getting involved. This summer, at the HoCo County Fair, I was handed a flyer from the Columbia Democratic Club that endorsed school board candidate Larry Walker. Yesterday, in The Sun, the HoCo Republican Party ran a full page ad with their endorsements for Tuesday’s election. The ad included endorsements for school board candidates Bob Ballinger and Brian Meskin.

On the one hand, I applaud any effort that attempts to inform voters on the school board race. The school system commands over 60% of the county budget and is one of the largest employers in HoCo. When people don’t pay attention a guy like Allen Dyer gets elected.

On the other hand, the school system should transcend partisan politics. We should be choosing candidates solely  for their willingness and ability to deliver the best product for our students in the most cost effective manner. It concerns me that the school board is often seen by HoCo politico partisans as the farm team for higher elected office.
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