Tuesday, October 05, 2010

When Worlds Collide

This afternoon I took a client on a tour of some the business suites in Columbia. These are offices that work pretty much like a hotel for business. In addition to offering individual furnished offices for rent on a short term basis, you can also just lease a presence whereby you get a business mailing address, a phone answered by a receptionist and use of a conference room when the need arises.

They are perfect for someone who needs flexibility and is either unwilling or unable to commit to a long term lease.

The first stop was the Cadillac of Columbia business suites, BusinessSuites in Town Center. When the manger came out to meet us I recognized her immediately. Cheryl Ludy formerly worked with GGP and now manages the BusinessSuites in the Parkview office building. As we finished up the tour, Cheryl commented that she enjoys my column in The Business Monthly as is also a regular reader of my blog. I don't think my client had any idea that I had this other life.

Later, as we we were going through Business Suites of Columbia on Berger Road, I literally ran into Brian Meshkin as he rounded a corner in the hallway. As has been noted by HoCo Rising, Brian's company Salugen, maintains an office suite in this business center.

This time I thankfully went unrecognized. Brian simply said "excuse me sir," and went on about his way.

In this instance I was grateful for the anonymity.
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