Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Morning Memo

This is the last week of summer vacation for HoCo public schools. I tried to convince Peanut to get up for an early morning hike with me but she demurred, preferring to savor this final August Monday morning of sleeping in.

Leaving her to her morning slumber I headed down the road to my neighborhood Dunkin Donuts for my first coffee of the day when I spotted Bob Flanagan working the street. No doubt Bob was somewhat energized by Larry Carsons story about the District 1 contest in The Sun this weekend and his recent endorsement from his former boss, Bob Ehrlich.

I don’t think Courtney Watson is actively seeking an endorsement from the current guv.

Back at home I sipped my coffee while watching the Board of Education candidates’ forum online. With eleven candidates seeking four open seats there is a lot to digest in order to thin out this herd. Since the school board is so important and also receives so little play in the printed press, I’ve decided to hold off on making my endorsements for those four seats until after the primary on September 14th. I will, however, help voters to winnow down the eleven for the primary by making my picks for the eight who will stand for election in November. Look for those eight picks sometime this week.

Midway through watching the forum my coffee ran dry so I took another break and headed down to the old town for my second cup of the day. Fortunately, I ran into Ellicott City impresario, Kimberly Kepnes and asked her the question that has been on HowChows mind.

“Just what is The Blue Goose?” I asked, referring to sign in the window of the former Sarah & Desmonds café on Old Columbia Road.

“It’s a home goods store,” she informs me.

Then again, by now he already knew that.
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