Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Alan and Liz Show Goes Public

At a press conference in her home this morning, Liz Bobo formally endorsed Alan Klein in his primary bid to unseat Mary Kay Sigaty for the District 4 county council seat.

This endorsement comes as no surprise to anyone who follows the loco politico scene. Liz has been miffed at Mary Kay ever since Mary Kay found her own voice on the issue of Town Center redevelopment and, despite his claims to the contrary, Liz was instrumental in his decision to get into the race.

In many ways, Alan Klein is Liz’s creation. Shortly after the formation of CoFoCoDo and his self anointment as spokesperson, Liz shepherded Alan around to every homeowners association in Town Center that would grant them an audience.

Liz has often said that Alan speaks for her on issues related to Columbia Town Center. Now it appears that she wants him to be her proxy on the county council as well.

Now if he can only show up
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