Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Klein’s Kommandos Commandeer Candidates Forum

Arriving at the League of Women Voters candidates’ forum last night you might have thought that you were going into an Alan Klein campaign rally. His campaign signs along the entry road into the Board of Education building and into the parking lots far outnumbered the signs for the other candidates. Klein volunteers were standing by the door wearing Klein t-shirts and handing out flyers which predominantly displayed the Sierra Club logo.

Inside the board room there were even more Klein supporters in Klein shirts. In fact, the only thing missing was Alan Klein. He was unable to attend because he was away on business. This of course raises the question as to whether he will be able to make the time commitment required of a county council person should he be elected.

I suppose his supporters were trying to over compensate for his absence. They were a bit aggressive too. When I tried to take a picture of his empty seat next to Mary Kay Sigaty I was told by a woman who I assumed was with the league that picture taking was forbidden “because it interferes with the television cameras.”

I told her I wasn’t using a flash but she insisted that it would still interfere and therefore was not permitted.

It is interesting to note that nothing was said earlier in the evening when I took several pictures of the county executive candidates on the dais. I’ve also taken lots of pictures in this board room at county council public hearings without a problem. Last night, with the Klein Kommandos running things, new rules were applied.

All in all the evening was basically a campaign appearance. Only the county executive candidates were questioned by the LWV while the county council candidates were simply allowed to give four minute speeches. The highlight of these was Dr. Moonbeams all out attack on Greg Fox. The pediatrician left her beside manner at home and went straight for Greg’s jugular. Choose civility indeed.

The loco blogging community was also well represented at last nights forum. Sarah Says and HoCo Rising posted their observations last night.
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