Monday, August 30, 2010

A Bobo Klein Beat Down

In their endorsement of Mary Kay Sigaty in the District 4 council race, the umbrella group, African Americans in Howard County had some harsh words for Liz Bobo and Alan Klein. According to this story by Lindsey McPherson in the Columbia Flier “the group did not agree with some of Sigaty’s positions when she was running four years ago, but it endorsed her now because it believes she has been a effective council member over the past four years.”

Then they went to town on Liz. Though she got the endorsement it came with a pretty strong left hook.

“It seems that Liz Bobo has become part of a growing local segment of ‘reactionary anti-progressive liberals,’ all having to do with opposition to affordable housing,” according to a statement from the African Americans in Howard County. “And this endorsement is being given in the hope that Liz Bobo begin to mend her ways understanding that it’s far past time for ‘lip service’ to African Americans and working class families to enjoy Jim Rouse’s dream of racial and economic justice throughout Columbia and Howard County — especially when it comes to economic development and housing.”

That’s akin to endorsing someone while holding your nose.

Alan Klein was criticized both for his position on Columbia Town Center and his lack of a rational plan for affordable housing.

“Turner said Klein “has just not been articulating issues that would support affordable housing.” While Klein has mentioned that he would like to see affordable housing in downtown Columbia, he has not presented a “rational plan” for affordable housing there, Turner said, or in any other area of Howard County.”

And that’s supposedly one of his major issues.

It seems as if Alan is starting to become a liability for Liz. I can’t wait to see where this goes.
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