Sunday, August 22, 2010

Business and our Loco Legislators

In their 2010 Roll Call publication, the Maryland Business for Responsive Government rates every senator and delegate in the Maryland General Assembly based upon their votes “that have practical or philosophical importance to the widest possible range of Maryland businesses, trade associations, and chambers of commerce.”

“In order to compare a legislator‘s score with his or her colleagues, both Senate and House members have been ranked by percentiles. The percentile represents where a legislator‘s 2010 MBRG % rating ranks in relation to other legislators‘ ratings. For example, a Senator with a percentile ranking of 78 has a 2010 MBRG rating greater than 78 percent of his or her fellow Senators during this time period.”

It will probably come as no surprise that in HoCo, all the business friendly legislators are Repubs. The highest ranking loco politico is Warren Miller with an 89 followed closely by Alan Kittleman with an 87. The next highest was Gail Bates with a 75.

The highest ranking loco Dem is Ed Kasemeyer with a 57, followed by Shane Pendergrass with a 39. Guy Guzzone, Frank Turner, and Liz Bobo all received a rating of 17 while Jim Robey earned one of the lowest ratings in the state with a 2. He did a little better with his cumulative rating of 40% while Liz Bobo’s cumulative rating was 25%, a distinction shared by only a handful of her fellow state lawmakers.
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