Friday, August 20, 2010

Day Off

This past week has been a fairly busy one for me in my real job. This is a good thing because commercial real estate activity can be a leading economic indicator, particularly in the case of the prospect we are talking to for our office building in Emerson. If we are successful and a lease is signed this fall, it will still take the better part of a year before actual bodies are working in the building.

Yesterday, our 150 pages plus proposal was delivered to the client and so now I can come up for air and get back to more prolific posting here. One of the things I will be dissecting later today is the latest campaign video by Liz Bobo. This time Liz lets us know she likes business people. I am grateful to Liz for continuing to provide fodder for this blog.

Apparently Patuxent Publishing likes Liz too only in a different way. The paper is rapidly losing street cred as an impartial observer in the loco politico scene.

With the proposal now put to bed and nothing left to do but wait, I’ve taken this gorgeous Friday off. Peanut and I are headed off for a hike this morning on one of the lesser traveled trails in Patapsco State Park.

More news later…
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