Monday, August 02, 2010

District 2 Council Endorsement

Four years ago when the new county council was seated, the only returning member was Dr. Calvin Ball. In April of 2006 the Howard County Democratic Central Committee selected Calvin to fill the seat that was vacated by the somewhat unexpected resignation of David Rakes. He went on to become the youngest person to ever serve as council chair.

With one possible exception, I think this group of all new council members ended up working pretty well together and I credit some of that to Calvin’s cool demeanor in serving as its initial chair. He describes himself as a philosopher/poet and that can be a refreshing attribute in the otherwise toss and tumble world of politics.

Of course endorsing him for reelection isn’t exactly a big stretch since his Repub opponent dropped out of the race a little over two weeks ago. There is still possibility of a challenge by Reginald Avery but any candidate who misses his own filing deadline by ten minutes doesn’t exactly show great forethought.

I’ll stick with the philosopher poet; Calvin Ball for reelection in Council District 2.
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