Friday, August 27, 2010

Alan Klein County Council

I killed a little time last night playing with Google. Google told me that one the most frequent search terms for Tales of Two Cities is “tale of two cities blog,” and while that is fairly unremarkable, the number two keywords were “cynthia coyle maggie brown.”


When I wrote this post about the growing influence of the loco blogs in loco politics I found out that if you type the words “Liz Bobo” into a Google search, the sixth item in the results list is a blog post I wrote over two years ago. That made me wonder what would happen if I did the same for Alan Klein.

Alan Klein is a much more common name than Liz Bobo so I added “County Council” to the end of his name in the search bar. Despite the perception by some that I spend an inordinate amount of posts on Alan, none of the top ten search results were for this blog. This time the number six slot was claimed by HoCo Rising with this post.

Alan has just too many things going on. His absence at the League of Women’s Voters candidate’s forum was the subject of the second, and eleventh search result. A post by 53 Beers on Tap about Alan was number 13 and the fourteenth search result was also about the missed forum.

Tales of Two Cities was all the down at number 35 in the Google Search for “Alan Klein County Council.”
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