Saturday, August 14, 2010

Liz Likes Young People

Liz Bobo has a new video on her campaign website that appears to be an effort to prove that she’s in tune with the younger generation of Columbians. In a staged setting at the Wilde Lake boathouse, Liz has a light discussion of issues with Brianna Wertz, Sharlene Ferguson, and Brent McBride.

In the video Liz, who has served as a State Delegate since 1995, tells Brianna that sustainable living is about preserving Wilde Lake for future generations. It is sort of ironic that she says this just as we learn that, despite a $3.4 million cost overrun in the planned dredging of the lake, the lake will still have an algae problem. How come she didn’t procure “shovel ready” funding from the state for this project?

Sharlene Ferguson wanted to know what Liz could do to help her find a job. After fumbling on Charlene’s major Liz proceeds to talk about green jobs…for a criminology major!

Brent McBride needed a civics lesson. He wanted Liz to explain the difference between her role as a delegate and the role of the county council. Liz took this opportunity to talk about Symphony Woods which she says will become a “somewhat more active park, still passive but more active...”


She also talks about the café in the woods that, according to CA’s own documents, will be in a “future phase” perhaps as late as 2014, if then.

Liz Bobo is also now calling herself “an agent for change.”

That’s a pretty big stretch for an incumbent that’s been in office for fifteen years.
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