Sunday, August 15, 2010

HoCo Fair Number 65

Last night Mama Wordbones and I decided to drop by the fair before heading to dinner at Bistro Blanc. She is a country girl at heart and she had not been to the fair yet this year. On the drive out to West Friendship we talked about the various things that people can get ribbons for at the fair. “As far as I’m concerned a cucumber is a cucumber,” she said, “I don’t know what makes one more worthy of a blue ribbon than another.”

Maybe she should talk to Vicki Ambrose. She won this year’s blue ribbon for her cucumbers.

Our arrival at the fair coincided with the float parade. Leading off was a group of young folks and their animals. My favorite was this little girl all decked out in pink. Her lamb bayed continually as she led it by its neck.

Of course any parade in an election year is going to attract swarms of office seekers and their supporters. Even HoCo’s past politicos turned out. 2006 Republican county executive hopeful Chris Merdon donned a fox costume for Greg Fox and I’ll bet he was glad that the humidity had cleared out last night. I suppose that once a political animal...
Former county executive Ed Cochran marched in support of his daughter, Courtney Watson. I’d have to say that Courtney’s entourage was the most color coordinated of the bunch.

Four people walked down the midway holding a “Western Howard County Democratic Club” banner. I joked to Mama Wordbones that this was probably the entire club.

From their joint float in the parade, it appears that Cindy Vaillancourt, David Thalheimer, and Leslie Kornreich have formed a slate for their campaign for school board.

I hold a special place in my heart for nurses so when I spotted these “Nurses for Bob” I had to take a picture.

After the parade, as I was talking to Greg Fox, I was bumped from behind by fellow HoCo blogger Free Market. I didn’t get a chance to speak with him though before he ducked into the 4-H exhibition building.

As soon as the parade was over we left the fairgrounds for dinner. It was our first ever visit to Bistro Blanc and having heard so much about it we were anxious to check it out before we ruined our appetites by succumbing to the temptations of deep fried Oreos.
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