Monday, August 30, 2010

Scene This Week In…

The almost year long dredging project at Lake Elkhorn in Columbia has transformed a sylvan setting into more of a green slime setting. The parts of the lake that aren’t being choked by vegetation are now covered in a green film. Close to shore this green slime is also sprinkled with trash and the occasional soccer ball.

Some areas have a rather pungent odor as well.

Last week we learned that this project is also $1.2 million over budget.

Still, there are signs that the lakes eco system is coping with this extreme makeover. Yesterday we spotted turtles sunning themselves on the yellow skimmers crisscrossing the lake and the ducks and the herons were out in full force. We also spotted two young deer enjoying an afternoon drink in the wetlands by the power lines.
With school back in session today the retailers are experiencing a sort of return to campus as well. When Peanut and I hit the Target at Long Gate Shopping Center in Ellicott City last week I noticed that the lighted “R” in the Target sign was out. It read TA GET.

That’s appropriate. There is a bunch of stuff “ta get” for our returning students. Peanut now seems to grow out of shoes every three months and fine stores everywhere are bustling with parents their ubiquitous school supplies list.

Don’t forget the box of tissues for the homeroom!
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