Sunday, August 01, 2010

A Fairly Busy Guy

I stopped by the HoCo Fairgrounds yesterday to take care of a little podcast business. The place was coming to life in preparation for the opening of the 65th Annual Howard County Fair next weekend.
I met Rick McCauley giving a fresh coat of white paint to one of the booths along the midway. Rick is one of the fair shareholders and he was certainly doing his share on Saturday afternoon. He is also a longtime HoCo resident who once served as a Deputy Clerk under C. Merritt Pumphrey who was HoCo Clerk of the Court from 1968 to 1990.

I made some comment about the benefits of being a fair stakeholder and he looked at me with his paint splattered face as if I was nuts.

If he only knew.

That is actually one of the neat things about the fair. It is largely a volunteer effort and being a stakeholder or investor isn’t something someone does expecting a financial return. Rick joked that in some of the fairs earlier years the stakeholders had to reach into their own wallets when the fairs revenues did not align properly with the expenses. He seemed to suggest that fair is on pretty good fiscal footing these days.

Volunteer labor certainly helps.
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