Sunday, August 08, 2010

Sierra Stupidity

The Howard County Chapter of the Sierra Club has endorsed Alan Klein in his primary bid to unseat Mary Kay Sigaty in the Democratic primary for the District 4 council seat. According to this article by Larry Carson in The Sun, Sierra Club spokesperson Nancy Davis called Klein “a strong pro-environment advocate who is best known for his community activism defending downtown Columbia from hyper-development,"


What has Alan Klein actually done besides complain?

I challenge the Sierra Club point to one, just one, example of an initiative by Klein that has resulted in improving the environment in HoCo.

The fact is that the Sierra Club of Howard County has a history of being against green initiatives that actually benefit the citizens of HoCo. This is the same club that waged an all out effort to stop the construction of the wildly popular Grist Mill Trail in the Patapsco State Park back in 2002. Despite enlisting the support of William Donald Schafer who was then State Comptroller and a critical vote on the Public Works Board, they eventually lost that battle.

This same group now singles out Mary Kay as the only incumbent unworthy of their endorsement even though they admit that “There's not a lot we can say about Klein because he hasn't held office.”

So let me get this straight, Mary Kay supports a plan that will restore the stream beds in Town Center and correct the storm water runoff problems that have plagued Town Center for decades but the Sierra Club prefers someone who has done nothing but obstruct and complain?

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