Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Heat Retreat

Sometime Monday evening there was an electrical power surge in the Dobbin Road area that toasted our new offices air conditioning system. When I arrived at the office around 8:00 AM it was already 80 degrees inside.

Fortunately I had to attend a meeting in Annapolis Junction for most of the morning but when we returned just past noon the inside temperature had risen to 88. The rest of my colleagues had already bailed to go work at home. We expected that it would be fixed by this morning. Our expectations were not met. We came to find out that our office had been somehow mysteriously been removed from the list of suites that were sans a/c. With beads of sweat dripping from his brow, Bill informed the property manager that this was in fact inaccurate.

When I left just before noon today it was already 84. I’m not going back until conditions improve. These are salad days for HVAC contractors.
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