Monday, August 03, 2009

Buy a Nurse a Donut


Because the coffee is free, for the next four Tuesdays at Dunkin Donuts anyway. I spotted this sign in the window at the DD in the Montgomery Station shops in Ellicott City.

Tales of Two Cities is a big fan of nurses. Not only I have experienced first hand the excellent care of nurses, I also live with one.

Mama Wordbones did have a problem with “card carrying” qualification though. She says all that stuff is online now so many nurses don’t actually carry cards anymore.

Memo to DD, if someone says she’s a nurse on Tuesday this month, take their word for it and give them the free coffee. You may end up seeing them again some time.


Freemarket said...

If you give a nurse a coffee, then you have to give her a donut. If you give a nurse a donut, then you have to give her napkin…

Didn’t you ever read this children’s classic?

macsmom said...

Nurses can make hospital stays so much more bearable! If they don't want a donut, I'd spring for the healthy egg-white scramble, even!

And Freemarket, it makes me feel great that you have read that book, one of many brilliant choices found at the HoCo Public Library.

Freemarket said...

Really, macsmom? If the county government was running strip club, I am sure there might be some hot stippers there. That doesn't mean it would a good use of tax dollars, eh?