Thursday, May 01, 2008

Liz Bobo as CA President?

Every once in awhile, I’ll lob an easy one across the plate just to see who will take a swing at it. When I heard the rumor about a backroom deal brokered by certain members of the Columbia Council that would theoretically hand the job of Columbia Association president to Liz Bobo, I thought I’d have all kinds of commenter’s scrambling for the batter’s box.

I guess I was wrong. The few anonymous comments I did receive were all positive. No one seemed to be bothered about the possibility that such a deal may have been made on the side.

Of course it was just a rumor. Still, I was surprised. That is not to say that Liz couldn’t do the job. She does have experience as an executive of a large organization (Liz was the county executive before Chuck Ecker). If true, this would certainly shed some more light on her active involvement in promoting certain candidates for the Columbia Council in last month’s elections.

Anybody else want to take a swing at this?


Anonymous said...

Does this mean she would stop being a State Delegage? I assume it would, but maybe not. I can't stand her, but maybe she is qualified for this role.

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine that she would want to give up the power she has over CA, especially since she doesn't have to be accountable. That's what her half of the BOD is for. Unless its the money she is after? Or world domination?

wordbones said...

Anon 8:00 PM,

Certainly nothing less than world domination.


Anonymous said...

We need new and innovative leadership. Not old same old same old leadership. I would be deeply disappointed. There's my swing.

Anonymous said...

Liz Bobo does not live in Columbia. She lives on an outparcel. She does own a number of rental units (condo/apartments) in Wilde Lake so she has some votes as a landlord, though not as a resident.

I cannot imagine that a non-Columbian would be CA President, unless she moves to Columbia before or within a month or so after appointment.

Anonymous said...

False rumor...but a great idea!

Bringing the Heat said...

It would be hard to find a better qualified candidate.

Now what's up with the trend of seemingly unsubstantiated material posted here lately?

The journalist's pen makes for better reading than the mud brush of gossip.

Anonymous said...

Blogs are a fine place to brush mud, er, I mean speculate. Much like paying politicians for 'access' (vs. paying for favors).

But - Gossip is social sewage.

wordbones said...

To all my anonymous friends,

I ran into Liz last night at the Columbia Foundation Spring Party. She asked me if I would be her agent!

Sounds like she might actually warm to the idea of being the next CA president.

And, by the way, regular journalistic standards don't necesarily apply to blogs. According to Wikipedia, a blog (or more correctly a weblog) is a "
an on-going diary or commentary by an individual..."

Sometimes you will get news here and sometimes you'll simply get tidbits I pick up in conversations with folks around town. I will always endeavor to distinguish between the two. I was careful to identify the subject of this particular past as a "rumor." The best part is that anyone is welcome to comment here in order to set the record straight.


B. Santos said...

As Wordbones has stated, Liz is certainly qualified to be CA President. The real question is “does Liz Bobo want the job?” For quite a while now, Liz has served the public, but has been given wide latitude regarding the legislation she has introduced. True, her continued service is validated on a 4-year basis via the election process, but would she feel comfortable with yearly performance goals? Is she open to being publicly criticized, week-after-week, by residents and CA Board members? Think about some of the tirades the current President Maggie Brown has had to suffer through by recent board members. Does Liz want to put up with that? Given that the CA President does not have the authority to fire any of the other senior officers within the Association, would Liz feel comfortable with that structure? Lastly, as the senior officer of the Columbia Association, she would have to give up her current proclivity to endorse people in the CA Board and Village Board elections, would she miss that “kingmaker” status?

In the end, I believe she will state that she is honored to be considered for the position, but will politely decline.

Anonymous said...

Liz would act like a leader in all ways, so she'd be good in this or any public service role regardless of the difficult personalities.

And I still don't get what people are saying about 'kingmaker'. If she's endorsed people, it completely escaped me, and I read the local papers.

PeopleTree Films said...

anyone catch her on wypr yesterday?

Anonymous said...

Liz Bobo lost my vote when she supported speed cameras in HOCO. Additionally when she endorsed the old guard in this last CA election. Anon 1PM, sounds like you are unaware of this, but she most definitely has endorsed candidates, and from her work email no less.

Liz Bobo=Liz NoNo

Anonymous said...

I'll take speed cameras over speed bumps anyday. Speed bumps punish everyone, innocent and guilty alike, causing accidents, wreaking havoc on car underbodies and suspensions, and wrongly impeding rapid response of emergency services vehicles and time-critical transport of patients to emergency rooms.

Speeding endangers the public, wastes energy, and creates unnecessary air and noise pollution. How can anyone in their right mind be against speed cameras?

Anonymous said...

I can't indict anyone for voting like their party mandates unless it’s a little more extreme than speed cameras. Some things should just be written off as Democrat or Republican leanings. I really can’t imagine a D voting against speed cameras.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why you think Liz wants to be CA president. It would enable her to enforce a 17 story height restriction on downtown planning, run roughshod over the developers again (the last time lost her a second term as county executive), and buttress her faltering political influence as her current constituency retires to Florida or moves to live near their grandchildren and greatgrandchildren elsewhere, and for the simple pleasure of power and ego gratification. Actually,you might be missing the obvious. A real headline grabber recently in Liz's fight to stop construction of the WCI tower downtown,her husband Lloyd is positioned to assume the CA slot....he has silent charm, he gained media notoriety and he's a man for all seasons right out of the last 1960's with pony tail and attitudes. The motivation for brokering a deal for Lloyd would be to get him out of the house so that Liz can concentrate on hiring a publicist to attract the young voters that are the future of Columbia. Her political career could be derailed if a popular, youth oriented vote-getter ran against her for her delegate seat. The politician who inspires and brings out the young vote could shape the future of Columbia and Howard County. Well, Maybe you're correct WB. Liz may see the handwriting on the wall and wants to retire as the new CA President.

Anonymous said...

Whenever I encounter accusations that are clearly and wildly untrue, without fail it turns out that the accusations are actually true of the accuser.

859:Good thing you're anonymous, or you'd have been branded.

Anonymous said...

The question is... As CA President could she stop the development of Columbia's downtown?
Probably not, its not CA's role, therefore she would say thank you but no.

Anonymous said...

Hi 7:27 PM
If you branded me, please see that it says "choose civility" or don't you believe that we're both entitled to our opinions?
Your reaction leads me to believe there may be some truth to my speculation.
8:49 AM