Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Four Stars @ Fort Meade

President Obama has formally nominated Lt. General Keith Alexander to become the commander of the US Cyber Command. According to this story by William Welsh in Federal Computer Week on October 16th, Alexander has been nominated “both for the grade of four-star general and to serve as commander of the Cyber Command at Fort Meade, Md. Alexander also will continue serving as chief of the National Security Agency and Central Security Service.”

Predictions of the economic impact of the cyber security command move to Fort Meade vary wildly from 20,000 new jobs to 50,000 new jobs. This will be in addition to the influx of new jobs associated with BRAC.

The bottom line is that this is a huge economic plum for Howard and Anne Arundel counties.


Anonymous said...

yeh, it will be pretty substantial for the area Ok. Will the merchants be willing to accept IOU's from the federal government employees?

Tim said...

Saw this bit earlier this morning about a meeting in PG County to extend the Metro Green Line up to Ft. Meade:

This would make a big impact on Howard County with plenty of positives (jobs) and negatives (sprawl), but overall I am for it.

Bob O said...

There's a great book out right now called "Four Stars". Worth reading if you can get a copy.

Oh, and what about the traffic?