Thursday, October 08, 2009

Happy Birthday Helen Bubeck!

Helen Bubeck turned 100 last Saturday. She moved to Oakland Mills in 1971 and lived in the village until two years ago when she relocated to Hickory Ridge and became a resident of Sunrise of Columbia.

“When you go to see her there she looks better than many of the residents who are younger than her,” her grandson Chuck Bubeck told me.

Chuck and I were classmates at Wilde Lake High School in the early seventies. His family moved to Columbia in 1969 and his grandmother followed two years later.

“She was three years old when the Titanic went down.”

According to this story by Medina Roshan in The Howard County Times, “she continues to enjoy spending time with her family and maintains her sense of humor and curiosity.”

Happy Birthday Helen!


Bob O said...

Good on 'er. And Best Wishes!