Thursday, October 22, 2009

“It’s Nuts”

Tuesday night Mama Wordbones and I attended the Baltimore Speaker Series October event which featured Jean-Michel Cousteau. After his hour long presentation on the world’s waters he took questions from audience. The first question was “Do you drink bottled water?”

“No,” he replied and proceeded to explain that he believes the water from the average tap is as good as anything in a bottle. After offering his views on the myriad of reasons why he thinks this is a disturbing trend he summed up by saying simply,“Its nuts.”

Not surprisingly, he holds the same view of plastic grocery bags.


Bob O said...

Good deal. Save a plastic tree.

My wife and I attend the speaker series aperiodically. The last one I went to was Steve Forbes. My wife caught the former president of Pakistan a couple of weeks ago.

Good stuff.

So, why doesn't everyone go to these events?

Bob O said...

Oh, and if you want a chilling view of plastic products, do a google search on the L.A. Times series on the plastic sargasso sea in the Pacific Ocean. It's a chilling story and verifiable through several sources. It made me give up Bic lighters and fire up my Zippo again.

Plastic itself, of course, is not the villain--it's the way people use and dispose of it, as individuals.