Monday, October 12, 2009

GOP Taking a Pass?

Noticeably absent in the news coming out of the county Republican camp is any mention of a potential challenger for Ken Ulman. While local Republican heavyweights like Bob Flanagan and Dennis Schrader seem to be positioning themselves for a 2014 executive race, I have yet to hear of anyone willing to take Ken on in 2010.

That’s no surprise. The race for county executive could easily cost a million bucks and Ken has already raised at least half that. He’s fairly popular too, raising the bar even higher for any potential challenger.

It reminds me a similar county election in 1994 when a very popular Chuck Ecker was running for his second term as county exec. The best the Dems could do that year for a challenger was none other than Susan Baker Gray.

Maybe Joan Becker from the Howard County Republican Party should give her a call. It's no secret that she would like to change a few things around here. Then again, there is always Godless Bob. He's not happy with Ken either.


The Big Apple said...

Godless Bob is clearly an individual with a major challenge. There is no need to reference his site in your article (a political one that makes you the winner!)

Anonymous said...

WB can you expand on that last paragraph? Joan should give Susan a call? Why? Didn't you say Susan is a Democrat?

Anonymous said...

There's a crazy situation recurring at the Harper's Forest Apts and the county gov't appears to share culpability. They mishandled what is a fragile situation and they're very very lucky it hasn't gone public.

wordbones said...

Anon 7:15 AM,

Yes, Susan ran as a Democrat in '94 but, as they say, politics makes for strange bedfellows. I wouldn't be surprised if she signed on with any group that backed her no growth agenda...and she has followers!


local gal said...

It seems that Susan has left a lasting impression on you. Please elaborate on your history with her. This would help blog readers understand your apparent fixation and persistant personal attacks.

Anonymous said...

Let's be clear, really clear. It's not the evangelicals that will bring down the Repubican party, it's the Too Big To Fail-ites that will nail that coffin. You, wb, think that you can demean Joan Becker's sensible (and eventually party saving) positions to what you believe are the worst of Howard, your apparent nemesis Susan Gray.

If transparency is positive, then this is a positive assessment of your utter transparency.

There will come a day, wb. There will come a day when voters have had enough.

Anonymous said...

The only reason Ulman won in the first place was his money and the nationwide dissatisfaction with the Republican Party. Oh, and Guy Guzzone deciding not to run (Guzzone would have trounced Ulman).

It certainly wasn't because of Ulman's experience (or lack thereof).

Bob O said...

I refrained from commenting on this, as I don't really know the playes from the three Howard County power bases (all of who are related: the gentry, the gentry's offspring, and the developers. Watch out for the new fourth power base, people who have moved here since 1970).

But I have to wonder, along with local gal. Did you date Susan in high school?