Thursday, October 08, 2009

Federal Lawsuit Update 4

Yesterday, Paul Kendall and his merry band of plaintiffs filed an amended complaint in Circuit Court that seeks to turn back fifteen years of zoning and land use decisions in Howard County. After being twice rebuffed in federal court, they are now seeking redress in the state courts.

The amended complaint no longer seeks to sue county employees individually and no longer seeks ten million bucks. Instead they are seeking “reasonable attorney’s fees and cost of suit incurred.” This time around they also threw in a whole host of development projects they’d like to derail including improvements to Route 32 and the proposed Thunder Hill Walgreens.

Paul Kendall, Frank Martin, Phillip Rousseau, and C. Edward Walter, along with their attorney Susan Baker Gray, are no friends of Howard County. Though they stand little chance of prevailing in their “vexatious, frivolous litigation designed to harass and intimidate public officials and to simply delay and obstruct any development with which they personally disagree,” that doesn’t seem to bother them one bit.


Anonymous said...

Stop the venomous poison spewing. It doesn't suit you.

And those people are the greatest asset we have, so stating they are 'no friends of Howard' is at best an overreach and at worst misrepresenting the pervasiveness of your own mindset.

Buffalo Guy said...

Hahaha Anon, and to think you called me an "extremist" the other day. You are too funny!

LegalBeagle said...

This Circuit Court filing is merely complying with Federal Judge Motz when he dismissed their federal action and directed the plaintiffs to seek redress in the state courts.

local gal said...

WB.... your emotional tirade is somewhat out of character. Your blog postings are much more enjoyable and enlightening when you maintain a professional decorum.

While the U.S. Circuit Court judge decided against hearing the case, who are you to cast distasteful personal aspersions and suggest that citizens should be denied access to the Circuit Court?

You should retract your personal attack and apologize.

Anonymous said...

WB, I completely agree. These people are clearly out of line, with their "Nimbyism",etc.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but I don't understand why these people are so passionate in their quest for judicial favor. I am not at all familiar with them or their motives. Do you or anyone know what motivates them to continue their action?

Bob O said...

There's that Anonymous, at it again. MAN! He's everywhere! All over the internet! How does he find the time?

WB, seriously, you do seem a bit emotional about this. Is there any tie or interest in this subject that is triggering this? I'm just asking.

I thought that this was what America was all about?

Funnily enough, this song started running through my mind when I was reading your post:

"Ah but ain't that America for you and me
Ain't that America somethin' to see baby
Ain't that America home of the free, yeah
Little pink houses for you and me
oh yeah for you and me."

--John Mellencamp

Anonymous said...

Over-reaching, WB, over-reaching.

Buffalo Guy said...

Folks, That's the beauty of Blogs. The author is allowed to voice their opinion in any way they see fit (within the law). We as readers have the option to read it , or not read it. WB's has been a very good source on this topic. I think it's pretty easy to read beyond his "editorial opinions", and get the raw facts. But like anyone else, he is entitled to voice his viewpoints. Same goes for that anonymous guy.

Anonymous said...

I am totally in agreement with the blog writer. I am tired of these people throwing out frivolous and blocking progress in our county.

Besides, I want competition as a consumer. All this does is stifle that effort for either the NIBY folks or the "posters" here you have a vested interest in no competition.